What you can do to save on your water bills

With the news today that water costs are rising by up to 8.8% in England and Wales from April, with an average increase of 5.7%, we can all take a look at what we can do to minimize our water use and keep our bills down.

Here are some suggestions on easy things you can do in the house:

  • Repair all drips from all taps in your home– this could conserve more than 5,500 litres of water in a year
  • Switch off taps when not using them– particularly when you are doing things like brushing your teeth, as a running tap wastes over 6 litres of water a minute!
  • Fit a water efficient shower head
  • Set up a double flush toilet
  • Put a ‘Hippo’ in your loo!
  • Set up water butts in your garden and use watering cans– see our basic DIY task on installing a water butt
  • Look into whether having a water meter fitted would be much better for you– it does not cost you anything to have one set up. If you have more bed rooms than individuals in you home, you may well be much better off with a meter.

You could likewise check out setting up a grey water recycling system to allow you to re-use drainage from baths, sinks and cleaning machines, to flush toilets and water the garden.

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