Bi-fold doors vs. sliding outdoor patio doors. Which is the very best door style?

When you wish to replace your patio doors, what is the best choice for you? In the last few years, bi-fold doors have actually seen a big increase in popularity throughout the UK. Lots of house owners have chosen bi-folds for their broad opening capacity and aesthetically remarkable visual. Regardless of the increase in appeal of bi-fold doors, sliding patio doors stay a popular option. Their smooth moving action and large glazed area continue to bring in lots of property owners.

Both alternatives have their own benefits. The ultimate choice will normally depend a lot on individual choice. You can install both bi-fold and sliding outdoor patio doors in either uPVC, aluminium, or wood. Here are a few of the features and advantages of each outdoor patio door design.

Bi-fold doors functions and advantages

  • Excellent visual aesthetic
  • Outstanding heat retention capacity
  • Exceptional levels of resilience
  • High energy efficiency scores
  • Enhanced security standards
  • Wide opening capability
  • Cool fold back action
  • Fixed single entrance door option
  • Outstanding ventilation capability
  • Totally customisable style
  • Moving patio area doors features and benefits
  • Black uPVC moving patio door

Sliding Patio Doors Features and Benefits

  • Smooth moving action
  • Very little frame blockage
  • Excellent energy performance levels
  • Advanced locking systems for excellent security
  • Optimised natural light consumption
  • Readily available in a range of sizes and styles
  • Outstanding performance all year round

High Performing patio doors

Your choice of patio area doors will depend on your home design and your expectations. For expansive views and a more conventional appearance, sliding patio area doors are for you. If you want to create a smooth shift from your house’s interior to your garden or patio location, bi-fold doors will match your requirements.

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