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How to dress your new uPVC bay window

Have you just recently had brand-new uPVC bay windows installed at your home? Are you enjoying the increased natural light and low upkeep surface they supply? Are you pleased with your bay windows however you want to add the finishing touches to produce the best living area and maximise your new windows? If so, at FineLine we’ve got some excellent suggestions to help you.

Dressing your uPVC windows
There are many aspects to think about when dressing your bay windows. You’ll probably be following an interior decoration scheme. You’ll have a colour palette to pick from. And you’ll have a particular design in mind. Whatever your preferences, bay windows can be decorated with:

Curtains-– Floor length, 3 quarter, thick plush, or light and airy; picking the best curtains is a vital part of dressing your bay windows. Curtains can be fitted along the curve of the window or in line with the wall to produce a concealed location when closed in between the window and the room. Thick drapes are also an excellent method to include an extra layer of insulation to your home and create a cosy environment on a cold winter evening.
Blinds– As an option to curtains or an additional addition; blinds have actually had a resurge in popularity in the last few years. Choose roller blinds, Venetian, vertical, or Roman to protect your house from solar glare and develop added personal privacy. Just like curtains, blinds can be fitted near the window, straight onto the window frames, or installed on the wall or ceiling.
Shutters-– Solid wooden shutters are an often-overlooked addition to your bay windows. They have a traditional beauty and can include essential blind areas in their style. Internal shutters can cover the whole window or just one half of a sash window depending on your requirements. For the continental look, install strong outside shutters which offer outstanding levels of security and solar security.

Adding a Window Seat

Setting up a window seat into your bay window is an outstanding idea. An easy wood structure can be finished with soft fabric and cushions to create a light and airy area where you can enjoy the world pass. A window seat can also function as a hassle-free storage area. Fit a swing cover beneath one of the seats to add important storage area to your home.

Prior to you begin your bay window dressings, it’s a great concept to decorate. To avoid damage, total any painting and embellishing work prior to setting up drapes, blinds, and seats. Select light pastel colours for high-ceilinged Victorian or Edwardian homes. If you live in a more modern home, a vibrant coloured or patterned wallpaper function wall will add character to your home and can connect your window seat’s soft furnishings.

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